Guess The Expression With The Words

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Guess The Expression With The Words provides a list of questions that require you to guess the expression of the clouds with a given word in each level. It tests your senses and vocabulary. Are you ready for this challenge? Come on and conquer all of the questions at ease. Enjoy Guess The Expression With The Words online at

Looking at someone’s face and telling exactly how they feel is not easy. If you think that you are a sensitive person who can feel someone’s feeling by looking at his or her face and guessing 100% right, then let’s have a test. Guess The Expression With The Words challenges your reaction as well as your senses. Besides, if you’re learning English, this game is a great choice for you to test your vocabulary. Here at free ABCya 3, there is a list of questions and each question gives you 4 answers and 1 word. You have to pick out the right answer base on the meaning of the word. For example, you have to pick a correct answer related to the word “depressed” or “happy” and so on. If you give the right answer, you will continue the game with the next question. If the answer is wrong, you have to play the game from the beginning. Furthermore, the game has limited time, so you have to act quickly and give the answer in time. In this … game, it’s not easy to guess the expression. Sometimes, you may find it really confused. Let’s see how many words of emotions you can handle. After playing this game, you can enhance your vocabulary about expression and use them correctly. Check it out! Come ABC ya for kids and enjoy more games, such as Coloring Book and ABCD edu kids

How to play: Use your mouse to play.

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