Thief Vs Cops

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Thief Vs Cops GamePlay:

Thief Vs Cops is a fun driving game in which your task is to stay away from cops as long time as possible. Here at Abcya, you don't need to have a professional driving skill but a great ability to react promptly. It seems that the cops are hunting around the area for the trace of you and your car. Therefore, if you don't want to be caught by the cops, don't let your car collide with police cars.

And as work experience, the cops always leave a trail of acid on the ground where they went through. This trail of acid is very dangerous that once you touch it, you get caught, and the game is over immediately. The acid will exist for a period of time, so make sure that you don't encounter it before it disappears.

It is interesting that you can collect bensin along your way and use turbo to drive faster. But anyway, don't forget your main task is to avoid the cops. This game is an endless game, so it is up to you to determine how long you stay in the game. Take your time to get acquainted with the gameplay and replay to set a new record time. Share the game with your friends and see who can stay for a longer time.

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How to play? On the computer: Use your mouse to play. On the mobile phone: Tap on the game screen to play.

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