Fun Game Play Sudoku

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Fun Game Play Sudoku GamePlay:

Fun Game Play Sudoku is a real intellectual game for school at Abcya 3 online. Do you like digits? Fill in the blanks with numbers from one to nine, every row, column or 3x3 block should include the number 1 through 9 precisely once. Complete this game. Have fun!

Fun Game Play Sodoku is an extremely interesting and meaningful game because it not only helps you entertain but also improves your brain with Abcya games. In the game, each large square will contain numbers from 1 to 9. There are some available numbers in a big square, your mission is to fill the other numbers in all big squares so that they can make 9x9 grid. Play online and learn more about this great number game which has caught on all over the world. Try it now at

It means you have to make sequences from 1 to 9 in both row and column. Notice that each digit is only used once in a large square, a row and a column. It is wrong if you use it twice. Use your logic to choose digits exactly. Try your best! Wish you win. Play more with Kids Math on .Don’t hesitate anymore! Good luck! 

Controls: Use the mouse to choose digits that you want to fill in each square.