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Walkrazy GamePlay:

Walkrazy game at ABCya 3 game for school is an exciting and interesting traffic game that will get you more experience to improve interactivity. Do you want to participate in this exciting game? Jump into Walkrazy game online and pass through all challenges in the game. Good luck! 

Do you feel scared when joining the traffic? You don’t react fast in dangerous situations? Join Walkrazy game at ABC ya game to improve your ability and speed in life. This game has a pretty fast speed, so you may face many difficulties and challenges to overcome each level. Do you have the confidence to participate in this game? 

Set in a cramped city with lots of traffic on the road, the game will bring you a fast and dangerous speed for the player. Imagine that you are in traffic in a dangerous crossroads with many vehicles everywhere. Your goal is to clear the road in a safe way. However, this becomes extremely difficult as many vehicles will travel on this stretch. 

In particular at Abcya games, this road has no traffic lights, so things get messy and out of control. So you have to move to the road carefully and smartly. You have to control your character to go fast or slow in different situations. You just press the 2 "Fast" or "Slow" symbols on the way to reduce or speed up the movement of your character.

Warning! Many vehicles will move constantly and appear unexpectedly on the road. So, you have to look very fast and make the right decision or you will get accidents right away. 

You only have one life in each turn, so you have to move carefully and get the highest score in the game. Are you ready to explore more games? Don’t hesitate anymore! Jump into some similar games such as Circuit Drifter and Temple Run Online at https://abcya3.net/. Good luck! 


Control your character with the mouse on the computer. 

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