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Do you love multiplayer games? Do you want to explore exciting experiences with a snake game? Jump into Sworm IO at Abcya games and become the largest snake in the world right now! Control your snake wisely and collect all the bright particles on the screen of Sworm IO game. 

Sworm IO is a fun and exciting multiplayer game for all ages at ABC ya game. Here, you will have the opportunity to play with other players around the world. So you can learn and make friends with other players. What are you waiting for? Play this interesting multiplayer game and show off your talent now! 

In this game you will control a snake in a large space with many other opponents. Your goal is to control the snake very carefully and wisely to help it collect all the sparkling particles in battle. Light particles will appear scattered around the screen and you have to control the snake to move constantly and look for sparkling objects.  

Take advantage of every opportunity and moment to gather as many sparkling objects as possible. The more sparkling objects you collect, the bigger your snake is in the game. Haha! If you become the biggest snake in the game, you can kill any other snake in the battle at Abcya games for kids

How to destroy the other snakes? The easiest way for you is to force the opponent's snake to head into your body and destroy it immediately. Once you destroy it, you don’t forget to collect the energy piles on the screen and grow the size of your snake very fast. In particular, you should also remember that your opponent will attack you in the same way. Therefore, you need to avoid colliding with the bodies of other snakes. 

With eye-catching graphics and lovely sounds, I believe that this game will bring you many wonderful experiences in life. If you love to play more multiplayer games, check out Hexar.io and SuperSpin.io at https://abcya3.net/. Good luck! 

How to play?
Use the mouse to control your snake in the battle. 

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