Summer 2020 Puzzle

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Summer 2020 Puzzle GamePlay:

Welcome summer of 2020 with a rich summer jigsaw puzzle called Summer 2020 Puzzle with 6 pictures and 4 difficult levels. Complete all pictures in the shortest time. Have fun at ABCya3!

The jigsaw puzzle is classic but who doesn’t like this kind of game. It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s also challenging. Summer 2020 is coming. Why don’t you welcome it with something related to summer like playing Summer 2020 Puzzle at free games online? You will feel like you are bathing in the summer sunshine, have a chance to have a vacation on the beach or walk along the fresh green road full of wind.

Sound amazing, doesn’t it? Well, let’s start. You have 6 pictures to choose from. Pick whatever you want to jump in first. Each picture has 4 modes including 16 pieces – the easiest mode, 36 pieces, 64 pieces, and 100 pieces – the hardest one.

You also can choose 1 among 4 modes. By the time you enter a mode, the pieces will be shuffled and you have to follow the trace to put each piece in the correct position. And you have the basis to do that. You will the original picture with the translucent version below. On games online for free, all you need to do here to look at that and find the place of each piece. It’s better to start with the corner first. It helps you find the next pieces easier.

Patient and stay focused and you can solve the puzzle at ease, even with 100 pieces. A jigsaw puzzle like that is the best choice to kill the time and enjoy a relaxing moment after working. One piece at a time and you will be completely immersed. Have a try and let’s what is your best achievement. Don’t forget to explore other options such as Phase 10 and Skydom


Use your mouse to place each piece in its position.

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