Strike Squad

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Strike Squad GamePlay:

Strike Squad at ABC ya 3 is an exciting and dramatic shooting battle which is especially suited to those who love action games. When playing Strike Squad online games, you will have the opportunity to explore many exciting experiences in life. Do you have the confidence to participate in this battle? Good luck! 

Who loves the shooting games with many opponents in a battle? Who has enough confidence and courage to participate in this fierce shooting? Can you survive the last moments in the game? Join Strike Squad game at Abcay and shoot down all your enemies in the maze. What are you thinking anymore? Waves of enemies are coming! 

In this game, you will participate directly in a match with many enemies in a maze. The number of enemies is not limited to a battle. They will appear in large numbers and attack you continuously throughout the battle. Here, you will have to fight against the enemy alone and not get any help in the game. It all depends on your combat ability and intelligence in each move. 

Your greatest goal is to constantly attack the enemy and defeat them before you are destroyed by the enemy. Keep your eyes to observe carefully, shoot correctly and avoid being attacked by the bullets of the enemy. In some dangerous situations at abcya free games, enemies will attack you in large numbers, so you should hide in safe areas and wait for the right opportunity to counteract. 

In the game, each level will have different targets such as lives, number of enemies to destroy, amount of gold to collect. To complete each level, you need to conquer all the targets and complete them as soon as possible. 

Besides, you have another important mission in the game. Your goal is to collect more gold coins in battle and use them to upgrade modern weapons. The gold coins will be hidden in the boxes, so you need to collect and open them to earn as many gold coins as possible. Don’t forget to buy modern guns and kill many enemies in one shot. 

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How to play? 
Use arrow keys or WASD to control your character, the mouse to shoot in the game. 

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