Steam Trucker

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Steam Trucker GamePlay:

You are tempted by Steam Trucker of You drive a truck on an uneven road. Stay on the high way. Don’t fall down. Deliver loads of goods to the stations. You must overcome several difficulties. Transport things as soon as possible at abcys. Steam Trucker game is really diverting. Let’s get started!


Steam Trucker free game is a driving game. You control a steam trucker and drive it on a bumpy road. The road is like a long bridge. You move on high position. You are a truck driver. Your mission is to bring goods to destinations. You don’t suffer the limited time. So don’t worry in abcys games. Don’t be in a hurry! You drive carefully to avoid losing loads.


Keep the balance well and go ahead. The road isn’t tortuous, but it is tough. There are obstacles like stones or spike boards. You don’t dodge them. You go through them. Make wheels climb on obstacles. The truck can oscillate; however, you keep calm and continue the delivery. The most important target is to survive on abcys online games and deliver goods.


You may collect maximum 5 golden stars while you move. If you collect enough stars and shipment is delivered, you are awarded 3 stars. A number of stars you get depend on your performance. The game has a lot of stages. Complete them one by one. The road has stairs and slopes. You do up and down.


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How to play:

  • Use left arrow to go straight.
  • Use the right arrow to step backward.
  • Use the mouse to press buttons.
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