Pinball Space Adventure

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Pinball Space Adventure is the long trip of a ball in a micro-universe. You direct a ball in so that it can go to places of interest as many as possible. Take the ball to everywhere. Touch objects to get points. Discover planets and asteroids. Hang around Pinball Space Adventure game of abc.ya to have fun!


Pinball Space Adventure free game is ready to play. You must move the flippers by using right and left arrow. And to begin the game, you launch the ball by using down arrow. When you press down arrow, you compress a spring. Spring will push the ball and launch it go through a pipe. The ball enters the gate and goes in the universe.


It starts an adventure.  The ball goes to various areas to earn scores. You make it touch objects and buttons to have points. When you touch buttons and obstacles like spaceships, you have points. You touch different objects, so you have different objects. You manage to get points as many as possible.


You have three lives. When the ball falls out of the universe, you lose one life. If you use up three lives, the game is over. You see the total score and press Replay to begin again. So how do you avoid losing a life? You use two flippers to shoot the ball. Flippers prevent it from falling. The ball can rebound.


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  • Use arrows to play.
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