Penalty Challenge

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Are you a fan of football? Are you looking for an exciting football game to challenge your skills? No doubt! Penalty Challenge game at ABCya3 will turn your dream into reality. Join Penalty Challenge game for free and become the best player of all time now. Don’t hesitate anymore! 

Penalty Challenge game at ABCya 3 game for school is one of the awesome and exciting football games that is suitable for football enthusiasts. When playing this game, you will have the opportunity to participate in 2 positions as a player and goalkeeper. Are you ready to explore these two positions? 

Before starting this game, you will have the opportunity to choose a team that you love and passionate such as Russia, Japan, Iran, Brazil, Mexico and so on. So, you can comfortably choose a favorite team and try your best to bring victory to that team. 

With the first mission at Abcay, you will become an excellent player who will kick the ball into the opponent's goal. Your biggest goal is to kick the ball accurately into your opponent's goal and win the highest score on the screen. 

To kick the ball accurately into the goal of the opponent, you must carefully observe and calculate the distance between the ball and the goalkeeper of the opponent. Don’t forget to use the tips and trick the enemy goalkeeper to miss your balls. 

After completing your first mission, you will move on to the second mission – becoming a goalkeeper. All you need to do is to push the ball out of your goal and not let the opposing player score the goal. 

Keep your eyes to observe carefully and prevent the enemy's purpose in the field. These two missions will be changed and rotated continuously in the game. So you should have a quick and accurate response. Which team will win? Don’t hesitate anymore! 

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You only need to use your mouse on the computer. 

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