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Oib.io GamePlay:

Time for another fun multiplayer online IO game at ABCya3.net! In Oib.io you start with one of many types of leaders with different abilities and generate your own little oibs. You can group those tiny oibs to create a bigger one, then split it back into many soldiers. Also you can feed them to the leader in order to make it bigger and more powerful. Just keep generating oibs and look for other players to attack. Sounds pretty fun, doesn't it? Enjoy Oibio on site ABCya!

Controls: Mouse = move, Arrows / WASD = move screen, 1-5 = manage oibs

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It’s time for another great multiplayer online io game! Oib.io welcomes you to tons fun and interesting things. Like other .io games, you involve the battle with many people around the world and your ultimate goal is to stand on top of the leaderboard which means you have to fight smartly and bravely.


This game is insanely attractive. You start by generating your own little oibs and feed them to the leader in order to make it bigger and more powerful. Feeding means group those little oibs and split it back into many soldiers to create new strong units when involving a battle. You use them to fight with other players while your main character is safe.


One more important thing you should keep in mind is that the life of spawned units decreases over time, so you need to feed them continuously with oibs which help restore their health. Simple graphics with attractive gameplay, I bet that after playing for the first time, you will not hesitate to add this game to your favorite iogames list right away. Keep spawning various oibs and look for other players to attack and win the battlefield. Have a great time at here!