Office Kissing

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Have you ever kissed a lover at the workplace? Would you like to enjoy this exciting feeling? This chance is for you! Play Office Kissing game at Abcya and laugh happily every time right now! Whenever your boss is out, you can give your lover a sweet kiss in Office Kissing game online. 

Office Kissing is a fun and lovely game that is played by many players around the world in Abcay. This game is extremely simple, so it does not require you many skillful and professional skills. Instead, you only need a good observation skill and quick response. I believe that this game will bring you many relaxing and fun moments in life. 

Set in an office working with a cruel boss, he always moves in the office and looks for ways to observe and criticize his character. In particular, he doesn’t want to witness any romantic situations in the office work like kissing, holding hands, hugging or cuddly gestures. However, there is a couple at this office and they want to give each other sweet kisses. Because they believe that kiss can transmit spiritual strength to their partner. 

What can you do to help them at abcya free games? Your simple task is to help them kiss each other when their boss is not paying attention. To help them kiss, you just click on the heart that is on the couple's head and release if their boss comes back. In particular, you should keep in mind that your boss is out for a short time, so you need to be on the alert and stop acting before he or the couple is fired. 
Haha! Are you ready to make the secret kiss yet? Try your best to make as many secret kisses as possible as soon as possible. With fun gameplay and lovely graphics, the game will help you relax and relieve stress in the workplace. 

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The players only need to use the mouse to play the game. 

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