Mummy Candy Treasure

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Mummy Candy Treasure GamePlay:

A mummy is trying to survive and eats lots of sweet candies so he can revive. Join now on game Mummy Candy Treasure at to complete this mission.

If you've never been to a mummy game. Enjoy it now, it will give you a lot of satisfaction. Rest assured that coming to this game Mummy Candy Treasure at ABCya20 for free online. You can completely play it online for free in your computer and mobile browsers without worrying about any amount. Mummy needs a lot of sweets.

Can you help it? Please join the game. You will use a hook for support. You watch the position of this hook to where there are giant sweets and collect them. Note that this game requires time. So you need to collect the correct sweet candies as required. If the time is over but you have not brought the required sweets, you will have to stop the game. Around you are not only candies but also many skulls and bones. These are not collected because they are time-consuming and will not bring you much money.

Try to help the mummy collect lots of sweet candies to complete the game level. There are countless different levels, let's use your observation and aim precisely to help the key chain move properly to the position of the giant sweets. How many more challenges can you overcome the game offers? Use your wisdom to conquer everything in the game Mummy Candy Treasure on free ABCya 2020 online!

Do not hesitate to share this entertaining game with your many friends. Join your friends in the game to have fun together. Please allow yourself to participate in many other similar types of entertainment games like Candy Riddles Free Match 3 Puzzle at

How to play:

Use mouse to collect sweet candies.

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