Mortar Watermelon

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Mortar Watermelon GamePlay:

Have you ever played a game that is a combination of puzzle and shooting games? What skill do you need to overcome this game? Explore Mortar Watermelon at Abcya games online and find the answer. Shoot the watermelon on the targets and collect all the fruits in Mortar Watermelon game online! 

As you all know, Mortar Watermelon is a perfect and attractive combination between puzzle games and shooting games at ABC ya game. This game will not only help you relax, but will also train you with the skills you need. To solve puzzles, you must use your intelligence and observation skills to find the answers for each level. 

Here you will see a basket with a watermelon, other fruits and a target on the screen. Your ultimate goal is to shoot the watermelon on the target but still collect all the fruits on the way. However, this task is not easy because you will face a series of difficulties and challenges. 

Targets will be changed at different locations and distances in each level in the game at Abcya games for school. Therefore, this will cause you much trouble to calculate the distance and the force of watermelon in each basket. To shoot watermelon, you only need to click a basket, drag and adjust the direction of the watermelon. 

Be careful with the iron circles with sharp spikes on top because they will destroy your watermelon immediately. All you need to do is to calculate the path of the watermelon and help it avoid colliding with deadly traps on the road.  Try your best to win 3 stars and complete the goal in the shortest time in each level at Abcya. 

One more thing, the difficulty level of the game will also be increased dramatically after each level. This game is designed with eye-catching graphics and lively sound, so I believe that it will bring players many relaxing moments. Don’t miss any chance to play more with Totemia: Cursed Marbles and The Spear Stickman at

How to play?
Click, drag and release with your left mouse on the computer. 

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