Love Story Of Aurora

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Love Story Of Aurora game at Abcya games for girls is a sweet story in the fairytale world of Aurora and her prince. Join Love Story Of Aurora online game and awaken the Aurora with a sweet kiss now! Be careful with the wicked witch at the window! Play or regret??? Good luck! 

Once upon a time, In Love Story Of Aurora game at Abcya games for girls, a queen gave birth to a beautiful little princess in a distant kingdom. Unfortunately, the wicked witch has put a curse on the little princess. The princess can only wake up until a prince kisses her. However, this task is not easy because the witch will strictly guard the princess in the kingdom. Do you have the confidence to rescue the princess? 

To wake the princess, you will have to help Prince kiss Aurora's lips until the princess has the power to wake up. In order to avoid the witch's guard, the prince would have to kiss Aurora in secret. Whenever the witch appears, you must help the prince hide in the room. 

You need to kiss Aurora for a specific time to fill the energy bar on the screen. By all means, you must help the prince avoid the encounter of the witch. Whenever a red exclamation mark appears on the screen, you need to stop any action or the game will end immediately. Try to fill up the energy bar and help Aurora awaken with the prince. Great! Finally, the Prince and Aurora will have a sweet and sweet time. Can you help her prepare everything perfect?

After completing the first task at ya games, you will move on to the second task - makeup and costume selection for Aurora. Here you will have many different choices of beauty tools such as foundation, powder, eyeliner, eyebrow, lipstick, skin color. Don’t forget to help Aurora choose and combine gorgeous dresses with fashion accessories on the screen. 

Everything is displayed by icons on the screen, so you just have to click on the icons until you are satisfied. Do you love this game? Besides, there are some similar games that you will love to play such as Smart Stripes and Blossom Dresses at Good luck! 

How to play? 

Use the mouse to play the game. 

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