Lost Kitty Go Home

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So poor! A kitten is lost and he is looking for a way home. However, it will have to overcome many difficulties and challenges to return home. Explore Lost Kitty Go Home game at ABC ya 3 and brings joy to the little cat. It is the time to show off your intelligence with Lost Kitty Go Home game online! 

Lost Kitty Go Home at ABC ya game is a touching journey of a little cat who has lost his family in a war. He felt really scared and wanted to go back to his family with his parents. However, the little cat finds many difficulties and challenges to find out the clues to return home. To find the clues and link them, the cat will have to pass different puzzles in each level. Are you ready to help this little cat? Jump into this exciting puzzle game right now! 

This game is divided into 20 attractive levels with different challenging levels. So, you will not feel bored to conquer each level because each level will be a new problem to solve. To solve the puzzle, you need to look carefully and find out how to solve the problem effectively. 

At each level in the game at Abcya games for kids, your main task is to place wooden boxes in dead pits to create the perfect path for the little cat. Deadly traps will contain many spikes and they can kill the little cat whenever it falls down. So, you need to carefully calculate and adjust the wooden boxes to their correct position on the screen. 

One more thing, you should remember that the cat is unable to stop moving along the way. So you can just move the wooden boxes and change them in different positions to make the perfect path for the kitten. Warning! This task is not so easy for you. Use your intelligence and visibility to find the most effective solution in the game. 

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To solve each puzzle, you only need to use arrow keys to control the boxes. 

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