Hurdle Rush

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Hurdle Rush GamePlay:

If you have lassitude, enjoy Hurdle Rush of to chill out. You are a boy running on tracks. Overcome hurdles and dodge gigantic barrels. Catch big air! Collect coins, magnets and other special powers. Speed up and jump over hurdles. React quickly. Hurdle Rush game is so appealing in abcyu.

Hurdle Rush free game is a running game. This is a single-player game. You are the only one runner on the racing road. The road has 3 lanes. You just move on three lanes. You will collect gold coins to earn money. You get points if you play well. You will avoid loads of wooden boxes. They are very high, so you cannot jump over them. You can jump over hurdles at abcyu games. Remember to make jumps at the right time. If you jump too soon or late, you will bump into hurdles and die.

You can get bonuses like 2x speed. It will boost your velocity. Magnets help you jump higher. Shields create a bubble protecting your life as you crash into hurdles. If you lose the game, you see your score and best score. Replay to continue the race. Obstacles are put randomly. Three hurdles can be places on three lanes or just two ones are put closely. A heap of boxes may be placed in the middle. You can get one coin or many coins every time you run through them on abcyu online games.

You can change your runner by buying new ones in the shop. You must use coins to purchase new athletes. Each runner costs 300 coins. There are 8 athletes. One wears a red tee shirt and blue shorts while another man wears a white T-shirt and black shorts. One is bald and one has blond hair. They put on different costumes.

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  • Use Space to jump.
  • Use right/left arrow to move to the right/left.  
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