Hexagon Fall

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Hexagon Fall GamePlay:

Hexagon Fall is a sight for sore eyes at Abcya3.net. You control a hexagon. Bring it down! Nonetheless, it still lies on the tower of flamboyant cubes. You must remove blocks cleverly to clear the way for the hexagon. Don’t pull down the pedestal. Hexagon Fall game is spellbinding on abcya.


Hexagon Fall free game is really cool. You will not disappoint if you try on it. You get lost in the world of colorful blocks. There are so many blocks in the game. They have green, blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, and brown color. Blocks are arranged in different forms. They can create same-colored columns, lines, rows, rectangles, squares and other forms in abcya games. The shapes are various. All blocks build a high tower. You have a yellow hexagon. You are going to bring it down, but it must be always on the tower.


Your task is to destroy the blocks to move your hexagon down. You will click on patterns to remove them. As soon as you click on a form, it disappears. The hexagon falls down. Try your best not to fall out of the towers. Otherwise, you will lose the game at abcya player game. The tower is not solid. You damage blocks carefully to avoid collapsing the tower. When you lose the game, you see your score you have got already and the best score. Click on the Replay icon to begin a new challenge.  

You have points if you both remove blocks and keep the hexagon on the pedestal. The more complicated the form is, the more points you have. For example, you remove a row of 3 or blocks, you will get 5 points in abcya online games. Remember to use the special squares carefully.  They contain gold stars. You gain 100 points if you remove them. The game has the blackboard ground and blocks are very eye-catching. Play as long as you can. 

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  • Use the mouse to click on blocks. 
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