Gravity Ball

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Gravity Ball GamePlay:

Gravity Ball is ready to be played on The ball can move up and down without falling. It has the power of gravity. You direct the ball to evade obstacles. They are able to cause the failure. Keep going on the road as long as possible. You can do it. Players are engrossed in Gravity Ball game of abc yo.  


Gravity Ball free game is an amusing game on our site. You control a ball moving on a special road. The road has two small roads including up road and down road. You can move on two roads. Click to change the road. For example, you are on the up road. You click the screen to leave for the down road at abc yo games. So why do you have to change the road?


Many obstacles are put on two roads. You must move up and down to avoid them. If you crash into any obstructions, you will lose the game. The game ends immediately as you fail to dodge an object. Obstacles are spike boards and wooden boxes. Don’t forget to collect diamonds on the way. The distance between two objects changes continuously. The ball runs faster and faster in abc yo player games. You get one point if you pass one obstacle successfully.


If you collect enough pink diamonds, you can buy some new balls. You are given a basketball for free. You spend 30 diamonds to buy a football ball. A black bowling ball costs 35 gemstones. A billiards ball values 40 diamonds.  You have 1 baseball ball with 65 gems. A tennis ball costs 70 precious stones. Moreover, three balls have shapes of Mars, Earth, and Jupiter.


This game is challenging, isn’t it? Share it with buddies and tell us your opinions about it. Seek Red Ball 3, Red Ball 4, and Red Ball 5 on



  • Use the mouse to click the screen.
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