Gold Miner Jack

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Welcome to the kingdom of gold and hard-working peasants of Gold Miner Jack game at ABCya 3! With Gold Miner Jack game online, you will have the chance to become a billionaire and have a lot of gold in the world. Are you ready to turn your dream into reality? Good luck! 

Do you love gold digger games? This is a great opportunity for you to experience your favorite work in a similar version. Jump into Gold Miner Jack game at Abcya and collect tons of gold right now! Will you become the richest billionaire in the world? Yes! Dredge gold immediately! 

In this game you will help a farmer and your purpose is to find and collect gold. The gold blocks will be hidden under the ground with many other resources such as rocks, animal bones, animals of different sizes. They don’t focus on areas, instead they are scattered everywhere and hidden under huge rocks.

So, if you want to dig gold, you have to watch carefully and control the correct scythe and collect the large gold blocks. Occasionally, you also have to pick up rocks to open the path and dig up the gold at the bottom. However, you should limit this because you have only one fixed time per level in the game at ABCya 3 game online

Moreover, you will have a fixed amount of gold that you must collect in each level. By all means you have to make enough money before the time runs out. The level of difficulty of the game will also increase significantly after each level. Time will decrease while the amount of money will increase, so you must act quickly and accurately to collect more gold. 

How many levels can you conquer in this exciting game? Explore the game and find the answer! Besides, you also can play more with some similar games such as Dunk Line and Tora Boy Adventure at Explore now! 

Use the mouse or any key on the keyboard. 

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