Gems Glow

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Gems Glow GamePlay:

You become a happy camper while enjoying Gems Glow at Play with colorful priceless stones and earn points. Test your smartness. You play in the unlimited time.  So just keep calm and link gems together. Make use of your intelligence. Gems Glow game of abcya games requires logical thinking.


Gems Glow free game is an interesting HTML5 game. You can play it on browsers like safari or chrome. It can be played on Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Window Phone, and Samsung phones. You explore a mine where workers are finding gems. You make couples of stones in abcya games 2018.


Choose a difficulty level. There are three levels easy, medium and hard. Each level is presented by a face icon. Click one face to start the game. You have to pass lots of levels. Win level 1 to unlock level 2. Open all levels one by one. Connect matching gems and cover the whole board to win levels. Gems have various colors like green, blue, black, purple, and red. They are put randomly on a board of cells. You have limited moves on abcya games online. If you can’t finish the mission in the limited moves, you lose the game.


In the level 1, you use 20 moves to link gems. There are 10 stones on the board. You draw lines to connect them. Match same-colored gems. You have 5 couples. Lines mustn’t touch or cross each other. You get scores when making right lines. Earn scores as many as you can. After you win a level, you can replay or go to the next stage of abcya games player. 


The position of stones changes through stages. In the level 2, you have 20 moves. There are 8 gems on the board. You have to match 10 gems in level 3. The game forces you to think and consider moving steps. Don’t draw wrong lines. Don’t let lines meet!


Recommend the game to companions. Find puzzle games such as Flow Free 2 and Flow Free 1. If you have a fondness for it, assess it highly in and send reviews to us.


How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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