Gear Escape

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Welcome to Gear Escape in! You are a pumpkin boy running on wheels. You are alone on your way. You face plenty of danger and get through wheels to find the way out. A small mistake can cause your death. Gear Escape game of abbcya is a great method to remove stress. Pull your finger out!


Gear Escape free game is an action game. The boy has a pumpkin-shaped head. He gets stuck in a big factory. There are countless tooth wheels in the plant. You control the boy and make him jump and run on wheels. At first, he is running on a gear. The wheel is rotating, so the boy is turning around and around at abbcya games. You choose a right moment to make him jump on another wheel.


He jumps on cogwheels in a row. You get one point after he jumps on a gear successfully. Get scores more and more. Wheels are put on many positions. They can be in the middle, on the right side or left side. Collect bonuses to reduce the damage of acid water. Don’t get close to acid liquid. Keep away from them on abbcya online games 2018.


If you choose the wrong time to jump, the boy cannot land on wheels. He will crash into conveyor belts and lose the life. The game is over, then you replay to continue the game. Gears rotate so fast. Therefore, you have to jump quickly as a flash. Otherwise, you bump into conveyor belts. You try to survive and play as long as you can. You don’t play in the limited time.


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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