Cut Crush Zombies

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Cut Crush Zombies GamePlay:

How to go home safely while tons of zombies are waiting for you ahead? Use everything you have to defeat them and protect yourself. Cut Crush Zombies at ABCya 3 is a true challenge.

Man is no longer the only force dominating the world. A new species appeared. They are called zombies. They are crowded, they are aggressive and they hunt humans. Cut Crush Zombies puts you to a true challenge that not everyone can conquer but it keeps you hooked.

With tons of games about zombies available at free 2020 online, this one will bring you a new experience. Here, you play a woodcutter and you come back home after a hard-working day. Unfortunately, the journey is not easy because you have to deal with waves of zombies.

With an ax on hands, you must take advantage of it to kill the zombie and go home. You may fail when you have just come to a short distance because zombies are too crowded. They attack you from the ground and the sky. Fighting them alone is an overwhelming task. With each kill, you earn money. You use this money to upgrade your speed, health, luck, and attack to be stronger.

Also, on free games 2020, you can hire some supporters to help you go home successfully. They are a hunter who has high damage but short shooting range, a mercenary who has high damage and high shooting rate, a commando who has very high damage and high shooting range, and a fire-solider who has very high damage and high health.

Of course, the price to hire them is not cheap. You must save a lot of money from the beginning. Your main objective is to go home and the journey you take to go home is far and dangerous. Be careful and make use of all supports to make it. Good luck! Enjoy other games on our site such as Plant VS Zombies 2 and


Use arrow keys or WAS to play.

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