Car Vs Cops Online

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Car Vs Cops Online GamePlay:

Car Vs Cops Online brings you to a speed battle where you have to escape from the hordes of police cars chasing you. What crime did you commit? Why they chase you? Don’t know why and when. The only thing you need to do now is run away. Have fun with Car Vs Cops Online game at ABCya 3 games. 

Get the police off your back! Why they chase you so hard? Did you do anything wrong? Just forget about the answer and run away quickly. Car Vs Cops Online game at ABCya 3 game online is an awesome endless high-speed chase game with interesting gameplay designed with the beautiful 2D graphics, promises to bring you endless fun.

Here you are chased by the cop cars, trucks, tanks and helicopters. Your mission is to escape from them by moving around the map. You can’t stop and you can only go faster. Flexibly maneuver around, make use of your driving skills and apply tricks to let the cop cars hit each other and explode.

An exploded car gives you 10 points. You have only three lives. The hearts at the top of the screen to indicate your health. As you are hit, your health will drop. Along the escaping journey at friv Games friv, you collect coins to purchase new cars in the shop. The new cars don’t have a special ability or anything like that.

They simply look cooler and more impressive. Besides, you should keep in mind that don’t drive in a straight line for too long because you easily crash into other vehicles. Let’s start driving your car through hordes of police vehicles in an effort to see how long you can survive!

With stunning graphics, simple but interesting gameplay, this game won’t make you disappointed. Enjoy! Tons of games are waiting for you at Try out these following options and you will love them, such as Circuit Drifter and Jeep Ride


Use left click to control your car.

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