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Brain Games is available now at Are you down in the dumps? Are you looking for something exciting to kick back? This game is a method for your bore. Brain Games game is a stimulating puzzle game. It is balancing act between memorizing and acting fast in abcya free. Why don’t we experience the relaxation?


Brain Games free game is a puzzle game on our web. You will check your short-term memory. You will have to finish many levels. You don’t know the number of stages. You explore it on your own. You complete levels one by one. If you lose the game, you must start again from the level 1. You play on a platform of cells. The number of cells changes through levels on abcya free games. For instance, at level 1, there are 9 cells. In the level 3, the platform has 16 cells.


Observe to find out the position of the orange symbols when they turn up on the board. Then select the correct symbols to win the level. Symbols just appear in 2 seconds, so you memorize their position quickly. If you choose right symbols, you go to the next level. If you select the wrong symbols’ position, you lose the game at abcya free games online.


You look for symbols in the limited time. You have 15 seconds to play each stage. If after 15 seconds you don’t find all symbols, you lose too. The number of symbols in each level is different. In the level 1, 2, and 3 you must search 4 blocks while in the level 4, you find 5 blocks. They change position through levels. You must be in the zone to use the memory and find them.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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