Barbie Fashion Planner

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Barbie Fashion Planner GamePlay:

Barbie is looking for a companion to explore the fashion world in Barbie Fashion Planner at ABC ya 3. She wants to be a famous Fashionista in the world. Do you want to experiment with Barbie to create unique fashion styles in Barbie Fashion Planner game online? Everything welcomes you here! 

Barbie Fashion Planner is an interesting and exciting fashion game for all girls in the world at Abcya games for kids. This game will bring you all the latest fashion styles and trends in the market. Combination with different and unique styles will bring you more exciting and unexpected experience. 

Barbie will have a luxury party with princesses and princes in her kingdom. She needs to choose and combine different styles to find new and unique outfits. Moreover, Barbie wants to change the fashion style constantly to update and catch up with fashion trends in the world. So, she wants to listen to your advice and contribution to build new fashion styles. 

With each style in the game at Abcya games online, you will receive different requirements on the combination and selection. Here, you can comfortably choose from many fashionable items such as hair styles, pants, dresses, shoes, bags, earrings, necklaces, jeans, shorts, sweaters and so on. Don’t forget to combine accessories such as glasses, towels and hats to create a distinctive highlight in every outfit. 

In addition, you should look for new and unique combinations by changing accessories such as shoes, glasses, handbags or bags. With bright colors, rich choice and eye-catching designs, I believe that this game will bring you more exciting experiences in life. 

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How to play?
The players only need to use the mouse to choose and combine many unique fashion styles. 

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