Ball Way

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You wrack your nerves if you play Ball Way on Make a clear way in such way that the ball goes in gutters. Control the ball cleverly. It moves on the road you show it. Follow instructions. Calculate the path and steps. Players have a spring in their step as they join matches in Ball Way game of games abcya.


Ball Way free game is a puzzle game on our site. Your objective is to get the ball into a goal. The goal is a gutter of a block. You play on a platform of cells. The game has a bunch of levels. Each level has a platform. Platforms change a number of cells at games abcya online. In the level 1, the platform has 9 cells. In the level 2, you play on a platform of 12 cells. The platform has 9 cells at level 3.


The ball is small and yellow. White-toothed wheels are put on platforms. Regulate green objects to direct the ball. Objects can be bars or rectangles. When the ball is released, it enters the wheel. Green objects will direct the ball. Moving steps are must logical. Prove you are a smart person in games abcya player.


In the level 2, you must let the ball collect two keys to open the goal. Rotate the bar and rectangle to choose the right pose. Lead the ball to the goal. If you score a goal, you win the level and play the next one. If the ball doesn’t get the goal, you lose the game and you will replay. Some green circles work as gates. If the ball goes in the first circle, it will go out from the second circle. Take advantage of green rings to score goals easily. You are instructed by instruction signs. Don’t worry!


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  • Use the mouse to play.


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