Angry Worms

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In the world of Angry Worms, the worms are getting bigger and they are looking for food. The Angry Worms game at Abcya is known when the player has ever played the legendary snake game. However, Angry Worms is more fun and unique when you have different tasks to complete and keep the weight of the worms.

You are moving along with other worms in the online game Angry Worms at ABC ya game. There are many worms of different sizes that are moving to look for food. The colorful dots on the screen are their food. In addition to collecting the food, you need to avoid other worms, even if they are smaller than you.

If you collide with them, you will die and become the bait of other worms. You also do not move the crashing into the wall. Moreover, the special feature of this game is that you can go through the body without worrying about the length. When you reach a certain weight of the body, you will win the Angry Worms game and continue the quest with other quests in this game.

Abcya online have updated this exciting game for players to participate in their free time. You do not have to spend a lot of time searching for fun games that can take the time to participate in a special game of your own. You will not be able to skip this game.

Abcya free game helps players to participate in games at the site without being bothered by the ads or load speed of the game. Therefore, you can join the game a circuit without affecting the outcome of the game. Share with your friends if you want to see who is the last winner.

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Instructions: Use the mouse to move your worm or tap directly on the screen if you play the game on your phone.

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