Angry Snake

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Angry Snake is a fun and addictive multiplayer game for everyone at ABC ya game. Angry Snake online game promises to bring players many moments of drama and suspense. Take advantage of every opportunity to become the longest snake in the world right now! Good luck! 

If you are a fan of multiplayer games, I recommend that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore Angry Snake game at Abcya games for kids because this is a very interesting and attractive game for all ages. Especially, when you play this game, you can train and develop many necessary skills in life. Be careful! The challenge is ahead of you! 

In this multiplayer game, you will have to fight with many players from different countries around the world. They are both talented and professional players. Their aim and you are the same when playing this game. By all means, you must become the biggest snake in this game because this will help you show your talents and become the king in battle. 

How to train and grow your snake? First, you need to control the snake very carefully and wisely to help it collect all the glittering beads on the screen. These sparkling particles will help your snake grow in size and become longer in battle. So, you should remember that the more dots your snake eats, the bigger your snake is. In particular, you should pick them up whenever you see it. Don’t waste energy particles to help you make big dreams in the game at Abcya games for school. 

After the snake grows in size, another important mission for you is that you need to attack the other snakes to eliminate the strong opponents. To destroy them, you just let their head crash into your body. After they die, you should take advantage of their energy to grow the size of your snake. However, other opponents will also destroy you in the same way. So you need to avoid crashing your head into the body of other snakes. 

How long can you survive in this multiplayer game? Don’t miss any chance to explore more with some similar games such as Mildly Infuriated Bird and Burnin Rubber at Much fun! 

Use the mouse to control your snake in the battle. 

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