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You are a fan of shooting games? OK! Don’t hesitate anymore! Jump into Gunz .io and shoot down any opponent at Abcya right away. Ready to challenge yourself with Gunz .io?


Gunz .io is an attractive and addictive shooting game for all ages around the world at Abcya Games. This is a multiplayer online game, so you will have the chance to play with many players in the world at Abcya Kids. Who will become the King of the match? All will have in this exciting shooting game!


This is not just a shooting game but it also requires you to have a perfect strategy and excellent direction in the game. Your mission is to shoot down enemies according to a specific plan to get the best result in the battle. Especially, you will have the opportunity to become a talented leader who has the ability and vision to defeat all of your opponents in battle.


To prepare for the battle between life and death at Abc ya, you need to equip many of your fighting skills for both you and your troops such as predictability, combat skills and speed handling problem. Train your troops with some main fighting skills and recharge them with energy before each battle.


Try your best to control your troops carefully in the field battle and destroy all their towers to win a match. Don’t forget to observe around because enemies can appear everywhere and attack you anytime in the battle. Take advantage of every opportunity to acquire energy and upgrade modern weapons for your troops at online game Abcay.


Occasionally, people often think that this game is unattractive by simple graphics. However, this problem doesn’t absolutely effect on the gameplay and speed. Awaken your talents and be ready to knock down any opponent in Gunz .io at Abcya Games Online now.


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How to play?

Use your left mouse to play this game.

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