Wheely 8

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Wheely 8 GamePlay:

Wheely is back again! Do I need to introduce it once more? I think not.  Aliens is back again with fun point-and-click challenging adventures!

 Wheely 8 is a combination of fun point-and-click challenging adventure game and interesting puzzle game in which you are Wheely – a red car who went on a picnic with his girlfriend Jolie but, an unexpected situation happens.

A UFO lands in front of you and the aliens inside need your help to fix their UFO, then they can return to their homeland. You must interact with many different things such as buttons and levers to the finish line of each level. Can you repair the UFO? Try your best and have fun!

Playing this game is also a way to train and show off your intelligence in life. Here at Games Abcya online, you have to take advantage of all the clues to solve puzzles and help a car pass through challenges in each level.

This time he has to help some friendly aliens who crashed on the Earth. There are two similar game we've shared previously can you not try to play. They are Wheely 7 & Wheely 4. Play Now !


How to Play:

Level 1:

Great! Because Wheely 8 is designed with eye-catching graphics and bright colors in the game. In level 1 at Abc ya, your mission is very simple, so you don’t need to worry about any problems. Here, you will just have a single challenge with the available suggestion in the game. Your aim is to help a red car reach the red flag above in the shortest time. To implement this mission, you only need to click an iron block to knock down a wooden stick and push your car up higher. Be more careful because the car is very easy to fall down a deadly trap. Don’t forget to collect many stars in this simple level. OK! You have passed level 1.


This game is very simple, but not easy to conquer, so you need to observe carefully and calculate your logical path to overcome all obstacles on the way. Do not let the car fall down into deadly traps because the game is over. I am ready! What about you? Hope that you will have a great time at Abcya free Games online!