Watercraft Rush

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Watercraft Rush GamePlay:

Watercraft Rush is a sports game in Abcya3.net. You are a powerboat driver. You drive it on tracks. Do the best to accomplish missions in the limited time. Finish the race as soon as possible. Watercraft Rush game is very compelling and spellbinding. Take a glance at a bcya. Have a good time!


Watercraft Rush free game is about job of a beach guard. You drive a motorboat on the sea surface. There are three worlds. You start with the first world and have to win it to unlock two other worlds. Each world has three tracks. You also complete them one by one on a bcya games. You will control it and drive in the limited time. In the track one, you drive the speedboat on a track. It is surrounded by floating signs. You just move right on the track. Don’t go out of the track.


You play in 1 minute 25 seconds. The game will count down. You must cross the finish line in 85 seconds. If you accomplish missions in a certain amount of time, you will win the level. If you don’t reach the finish line in 85 seconds, you will lose the game at a bcya online games. When you go out of the track, you find the way to get back.


Don’t crash into floating life bouys. It prevents you and you waste your time. Other opponents drive on the track. Avoid bumping into them. The track is bendy. Therefore, you must move to the left or right to follow the track.


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  • Use the up arrow for acceleration.
  • Use the down for brake.
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