Turbo Dismounting

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Turbo Dismounting GamePlay:

Turbo Dismounting online game is one of the best choices if you are looking for a game help you relieve stress and anger. It’s a fun physics-based stickman game offers a rag-doll stickman for you to torture. At abcya 3, you can make him surfer using many ways like pushing him down from the stairs, use weapons and so on. You are not allowed to break the law in the real life but in this game, you can do whatever you want, perform brutal actions that you even haven’t imaged.

Without being caught or arrested by police, without harming anyone in the real life, here is where you should come. The game offers 20 different maps that you have to complete the current one and use the money to unlock the next one. Here at game abcya, the more violence, and the more bones are broken, the more money you get. Sound so terrible but fun, doesn’t it? You can also buy various vehicles to make more damage to stickman.

When completing a certain level, but you don’t have enough money to unlock the new level, you can replay the previous levels as many times as you want until you rich, then keep your torture journey going. Each map brings a distinctive joy and fun experience. Try your best to break as many bones as you can. Let stupid stickman surfer your anger. Play until you feel better. Hope you have fun!

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How to play:

Use your mouse and spacebar to play.

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