Run Sausage Run

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Run Sausage Run! – Keep yourself alive from many hazardous obstacles!

SEO Des: Keep running forward and leave the danger behind you in Run Sausage Run! To survive, you have no choice but to run away and avoid the deadly traps which are created to kill you in ABC ya game. Be brave and act fast to help the poor Sausage escape from the terrible kitchen of Run Sausage Run!

Run Sausage Run is a cool action game that requires you to make full use of your flexibility and reflection skills to conquer. Your task is to take on the role of the little hot-dog with the aim of reaching as far as you can through the life-threatening kitchen. Sausage is in the processing to make a delicious food, so he is attempting his best to avoid killing. However, his path at ABC ya 3 is not easy at all because a variety of lures are preparing for eliminating this poor creature.

In the beginning, the Sausage walks slowly and he doesn’t know how to evade the danger. The terrible traps are waiting in front of you. For example, the saw blades continue gyrating so that you must run fast to avoid cutting. Besides, there are more obstacles which are created with an aim of eliminating your Sausage such as the knives, the hammers, the flames, the ovens and so on. They appear suddenly with the thick density. Hence, players are always alert in order not to be trapped at Abcya.

Control the hotdog to speed up when seeing the impediments to overcome them safely by tapping on the screen. Flex the hot-dog body to run through the endless path. You must be wary at all time otherwise, you will get chopped, sliced, smashed or burned by the sharp things. This adventure will be a hotdog's dream - or nightmare - depending on how well you do.

You gain coins and money when you pass the challenges. We allow you to upgrade your skin’s color such as green, red, yellow or so on and purchase new characters like an eggplant, a shallot, a piece of meat and much more with your budget.

Share the funny game with your friends and see who can survive longer. If you are keen on this type of adventure game, don’t miss out other similar games like Cross Sonic Race or Amazing Cube Adventure. 

How to play: Use your mouse or tap on the screen to control the Sausage.

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