Kick the Teddy Bear

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Kick the Teddy Bear GamePlay:

Relieve all the stress you need to take part in this game Kick the Teddy Bear at! Rest assured that you will have plenty of relaxation.

Crashing into a little bear can relieve you of a lot of pressure. Do you feel joy? An extremely simple task you start right now with the game Kick the Teddy Bear at ... This is an interesting addictive risk game for you guys. Punch, stab, or shoot a poor little bear in this challenge.

Click on an object you want to use. Then hit the teddy bear to get the coins for you. Use your money to buy some more interesting willow weapons so that you can injure more. How long do you think you can attack it? This game is a solution that can help you relieve the stress of participating in the game.

You will not need to worry about anything but feel free to attack this bear. Buy a handgun, a sword, an ax, and a rifle, or even you a chair so you can hit this teddy bear and injure him more. Collect as much money as you can to unlock new items in the background waiting for you.

You won't imagine when you get back on the fun when you destroy this teddy bear. Keep having fun you won't worry about doing anything around, just focus on attacking this bear to bring yourself lots of money. Let's experience more adventurous feelings when participating in the game.

Remember to share this game Kick the Teddy Bear at … with your friends. Together with your friends join now on the game to be able to have a lot of relaxing and entertaining moments together. Why do not you allow yourself to participate in some other similar entertaining games Super Buddy Kick Online at

How to play:

Use mouse to stab the teddy bear.

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