Helix Jump 2

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Helix Jump 2 GamePlay:

Have you heard of Helix Jump? It's a fun 3D reaction game in which you need to turn and swirl the pole to make sure that the ball can fall down to the desired platform. It sounds difficult, but after a few practicing rounds, you will be able to master it! In this second version at https://abcya3.net/, players will be able to experience more challenges with new updates and bug fixes.

The gameplay remains the same, but we guarantee that you will have fun! Let's start playing with the bouncing ball now! Just like the rules of the first version, your job is to make the bouncing ball descend as much as possible down the gaps of the spiral poles. If you don't turn or switch the pole, the ball will continue to jump constantly on the same spot. If that's the case, you cannot move to the next level.

The only movement that you can do is to turn the platform around to make the ball fall down through the gaps. Can you see the yellow tiles? Keep in mind that you have to avoid landing on any of the yellow tiles. The moment you touch that tile, the game is over and you'll have to start the level again.

It's all about improving the great estimation and flexibility in this abcya game online. If you have the time, don't hesitate to check out some other action games like Circle Pool and Demolition City

Controls: turn the poles using the mouse.

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