Flying Police Car Simulator

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Flying Police Car Simulator GamePlay:

Winged police cars are truly a future vehicle with which you can challenge yourself right now in the game Flying Police Car Simulator at ABCya3! Let’s go! 

Do an amazing exploration experience that you never get a chance to participate in. because this is a very new genre of play. Drive a police car with wings and can fly in the sky. This is surprising, isn't it? Let's welcome you and many of your friends to start right now into the game Flying Police Car Simulator on ABCya free online. Enjoy playing the game without having to worry about anything.

At the beginning of the game let's take control of your car. Get onto your futuristic winged police car and start driving around this city. Fly across a vast city with airports and countless islands and buildings. You must not touch the obstacles around the city. Because you can only fly in your own space. And if you crash into buildings or countless other things you will have to stop the game. Please control your vehicle with its wings hovering in the space sky at your own pace. Search for coins to buy Better police cars, better quality.

Have you ever driven a flying car only when you join the game will you have this wonderful opportunity? The exciting game driving world has no limits. Get ready to start the most engaging adventure. Drive your car soaring in the sky and land back on the streets to keep accelerating like an unprecedented madman.

Have fun with this game Flying Police Car Simulator on ABCya for kid. its fun when you share the game with your friends. Invite your friends to join now in the game so we can start together with new experiences with futuristic cars. Do not forget to allow yourself to participate in a few other similar interesting games Cop Driver Simulator & Car Simulator Crash City at

How to play:

use WASD to conquer your skies.

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