Flappy Bird Mobile

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Flappy Bird - The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to move your wings to fly and make your way as far as you can.

It will take longer for you to read this explanation of how Flappy Bird works than it would for you to download it (for free) on your iOS or Android device and see absolutely everything it does first hand. Your bird flies slowly and steadily to the right, through an obstacle course of rather familiar-looking pipes. Every set you pass gets you a “ding” and a point. Just tap to flap. But for as simple as it sounds, it usually only takes milliseconds to get your first infuriating taste of defeat. See, our little pixelated hero isn't a very good flier. He doesn't so much glide as he awkwardly bops like a cast-iron fishing lure being tugged against the current. He's also afflicted with a most rare and unfortunately fatal allergy to green pipes - dropping dead from even the most fleeting contact with them. If this doesn't sound very fun, it's because it isn't… not in the traditional sense of the word anyway.

Flappy Bird Online is a free mobile HTML5game, offered to you by ABCya3 - Tap to play!   Flap, flap, flap FLAPPY BIRD.. Good luck!