Coco Leg Surgery

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Coco Leg Surgery GamePlay:

Coco Leg Surgery talks about what you do to give Miguel medical treatment in He is suffering from wounds. Many parts of his body are in pain. You help him at once.  Give it a try! You serve as a doctor and operate a surgery. Make him move normally. Coco Leg Surgery game of abcya+ seems fascinating.


Coco Leg Surgery free game is an emergency situation. Miguel has got an accident because he fell down from a high balcony on the ground. He has got broken bones and injuries. You have to cure him and help him continue to sign with Hector. Bring him to a hospital and put him on a bed. Use tissues to clean smears on his skin. Use a syringe to inject him with medicine at abcya+ games. He sleeps due to the anesthetic.


Use a clip to pick up pieces of glass. Put them on a tray. Use a sprayer to apply antibiotic to injuries. Use gauzes to bandage injuries. Use an ice cube to cure swollen spots. Use medical threads to cover the open wound. You bandage a wound on abcya+ online games. Apply antibiotic on one leg. Use a small sharp knife to cut and open the leg.


Use tissues to remove blood. Use a clip to open the cutting wide. Use another clip to pick up broken pieces of bone. Use a metal bar, screws, and driller to fix and cure the broken leg. You use a needle and threads to lock the cutting. Use X-ray to find another broken leg. Apply plaster liquid and let him wear a bandage. The anesthetic doesn’t take effect anymore. Miguel wakes up. You feed him a medicine pill. Now he has recovered.


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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