Baldi's Basics 2

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Finding lots of books is the thing to help you get out of a gloomy prison. Experience much more into a new genre of games Baldi's Basics 2 at

Imagine yourself in an abandoned school. There is no one else but you. You need to search for a lot of things to escape this room. Join now in the game Baldi's Basics 2 on ABCya school online to experience the challenge. This is the sequel to the first-person horror game. In it, you need to escape from a school of a crazy and very scary teacher.

You need to leave that terrible place. You need to find books and solve some problems in this game. If you answer incorrectly, you will not have a chance to escape. Try to think and use your brain to correctly answer all the questions the game gives.

You need to look for suggestions that are the surrounding books. All of these great classrooms find it difficult. Don't be discouraged because you will be able to overcome them all as you gain skills. Wisdom will bring you the way to win. Around you will be difficulties and challenges. The road ahead is full of traps. Be careful and focused. Just a little negligence for any second you will not get rid of the crazy teacher right now to find freedom.

The game will help you get the fastest brain. A super quick reflex to find the right books. Chances of getting rid of this ferocious guy again the better. It's fun when you share puzzle games with your friends. Together with your friends join now on the game Baldi's Basics 2 on free ABCya 2020 school to experience together on a dangerous day. Don't forget to explore yourself in addition to a few other game genres like Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning at


Use mouse to be able to search for books.

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