Surf Riders

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What do you usually do when having a vacation on the beach? Enjoy seafood, bask, build a sand castle, go diving? Anything else? What about some water activities like surfing? Do you like it? Is it quite adventurous and dangerous for you? Well, if you haven’t been confident enough yet, let’s do some practices with an amazing game named Surf Riders at

You would definitely have a great moment and build your confidence to try this sport in the real life. This game has simple gameplay and control mechanism. At here, you don’t control your character but the waves. Yes, you don’t get it wrong. You control the waves move up and down flexibly to help your character keep balancing on the surfboard and collect as many coins as possible. Image that the ocean is divided into several blocks. You know that the surface of the ocean isn’t flat and smooth. That’s why you must lower or raise some blocks to make the surface flat in order to keep your character go further at game free abcya

Besides, by doing that, you will able to collect coins at different heights. The coins are used to unlock more fun character. This game challenges the agility of your fingers. Try your best to surf as long as you can in the sea, see how many points you can get. Play with your friends to find out who has the better score. Have fun! Many games are added to abcyaa 3. You may not want to miss these following games for sure, such as Fruit Slice and Apple Shooter


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