Collect The Coins From The Treasure

Rate: 75% | 3.8/5 (4 Player)


Collect The Coins From The Treasure GamePlay:

Touch fast to give yourself a chance to win in this game. Are you ready to conquer the challenges ahead? Coming to this game Collect The Coins From The Treasure at abcya 3 hot games you will need to show off a lot of your skillful skills before you can pass the level. You will need to quickly tap the screen to be able to control your roller to move uphill at the fastest speed. Because if you are slow your roller cannot go up the slope.

So you need to pay as quickly as possible and then control your roller as you reach the destination. Coins will open and fall from top to bottom. You will need to collect this coin and it will generate lots of different coins. Your goal just needs to collect lots of gold coins from this treasure. Isn't it wonderful? But you also need to show a lot of skills in this game to be able to conquer the gold coins.

Because there are many pitfalls ahead. Your roller control should have finesse combinations. With extremely simple but unique graphic design, new gameplay. You will be addicted to the game the first time you join. You should not keep the game to yourself, but share it with your friends. Join your friends in the game Collect The Coins From The Treasure at to become the most skilled roller drivers together. Have more fun in a few other game genres Super RunCraft and Zipline Rescue

Control: Use mouse or touch to be able to put the roller to collect gold coins.

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