Princess Hard Times

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Princess Hard Times GamePlay:

Aurora is feeling sad today. What should she do to overcome this sadness? Please jump into Princess Hard Times at Abcya and make her laugh happily. Click Princess Hard Times!


Aurora is really sad and she needs to do something to feel better. However, Aurora does not want to do things by herself. She needs a friend to share and create the joy in life. Can you help her? Play Princess Hard Times at Abcya online and bring Aurora to a paradise of fun right away.


To make her laugh, you can first draw with her beautiful paintings of life with bright colors. This will help her understand that life has many colors and joys. So sadness is just one color at a time and joy will come again tomorrow with abcya at school.


Your second task is to help her make delicious and attractive dishes because enjoying delicious dishes also is a great way to forget the sadness. Finally at Abcay, Aurora wants to meet and share with a friend.


So, your task is to help her choose and combine many fashion styles to create a splendid outfit. Try your best to help her become more beautiful and laugh more in life. Adding a chance for you to explore more with at Abcya games



Use the mouse to interact

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