Mommy Barbie Go Shopping

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Mommy Barbie Go Shopping is an interesting game in which you have to collect the money first before going shopping. Play Mommy Barbie Go Shopping at Abcya Games.


Do you love shopping? Another game about shopping is waiting for you at Abcya online Games the best online Games. Mommy Barbie Go Shopping is one of the best games about Barbie doll that will satisfy your shopping passion.


But unlike other shopping games that give you some money in advance, at this Abcya, you must collect money by yourself. How? Tons of coins are dropping down from the sky, and you just need to use a shopping cart to collect it. So amazing, isn’t it?. You don’t have to work hard to earn money. In the given amount of time, try your best to get as many coins as possible. You need at least 200 coins.


When the time runs out, you will go shopping with these coins. Mommy Barbie needs to buy various items for her children, including 1 pack of the diaper, 2 packs of wet tissue, 1 teddy bear, 1 pair of shoes, and so on. You must pick all of them before time expires. Can you finish this mission successfully?  


Check it out! Explore more awesome games at Abcya Games, such as Have a great time at here. Instructions: You can play the game on smartphone and tablet just by tapping and on the computer by using your mouse.

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