Ninja Defender

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Ninja Defender GamePlay:

What is going on? Why many strange creatures appear on the Earth? Do you know what’s happened here? The world lies on the brink of disaster. Evil forces are approaching aim to conquer the Earth and turn humans into slaves. You won’t let it happen, will you? You are the last hope of humanity. Let’s fight for your life.

In Ninja Defender at free abccya 3, your mission is to defend your homeland against the invasion of monster forces. They are very crowded and dangerous. Just a moment, the land will be invaded. You must your powerful shuriken and ninja skills to defeat them before everything is too late. Here at abcya3 games, you throw your shuriken at every enemy appear on the screen. However, the most important thing is that you have to catch your weapon, then let it bounce up and toward the enemy. If it falls off the screen or in other words, you can’t catch it, you will lose a life.

Remember that you have only 4 lives in total. If all of them runs out, the game ends immediately. You have to complete the objective in the current level in order to move to the next one. And as you level up, the difficulty increases as well. With your ninja skills, you will win. Try your best to save the world. There are many games available at You should check out these following options: Temple Dash and Castle Dash


Use left and right arrow keys to play.

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