Lego City: My City 2

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Lego City: My City 2 GamePlay:

Lego City: My City 2 is nothing short of an engaging game in You will build the city and turn it into a worth living place. Capture criminals and construct jail, airport terminal, and hanger. Lego City: My City 2 game helps you kick back. Complete missions to get materials on abcya 3.


Lego City: My City 2 free game is a compelling game. You are welcomed to the Lego city. Build it up by completing missions and constructing more buildings. Many things need to be done. You choose one mission to begin the game. There are Jet Ski Patrol mission, Lighthouse Lookout mission, and Fire HQ Collapse mission at abcya 3 games. In the Jet Ski Patrol mission, you have to gain enough 750 points. You must get 1000 points in the Lighthouse Lookout mission. You are supposed to earn 2000 points in the Fire HQ Collapse mission.


In the Jet Ski Patrol, your duty is to guard Prison Island. You make sure that prisoners never escape from the jail. You build the prison. Win missions to earning bricks. Your mission is catching criminals. Some bad guys are causing mischief in a Red Pickup Truck. Drive a police car and try to catch them in abcya 3 player games. You speed up, dodge obstacles, chase the criminal and lead him to the dead end. You also collect stud on the way. If you finish the mission, you get studs and other bonuses. All rewards will exchange into bricks.


Earning enough XP will reward you with a chest. You find out new weapons in the chest such as medium rotor blades. Look for other missions. You can play Water Dump with the Small Fire Helicopter. You arrest crooks who are having a getaway. They are sailing on floating tires. You capture all of them in 2 minutes 30 seconds. On abcya 3 online game, a yellow arrow shows you where criminals are. You complete that mission and own a parasol and big wheels. A bunch of missions is available. Finish all to get bricks and build structures.


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  •  Use the mouse to play.
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