Love Ball

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Love Ball GamePlay:

This doesn’t have a story, but you can make up one to enjoy the game more. Two lovely balls in love, but they can’t come together. They are on two different sides.

In Love Balls, you have to help them overcome the obstacles in their life that prevent them from being as one by drawing lines or shapes wisely. It’s an addictive puzzle game offers various levels waiting for you to conquer. Each level at . If you stuck on any level, you can use hint option to finish that level easier. However, you should save the hints because you have only three hints. So, just restart that level without any impact on your gaming process or your score, then maybe you can find the solution after a few time trying. Use your wisdom and imagination to figure out the best answer for the puzzle. Surely, this game will keep your playing for hours.

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How to play:

Use your left mouse to draw lines or shapes.

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