Knife Hit

Rate: 81.3% | 4.1/5 (30 Player)


Knife Hit GamePlay:

Knife Hit is an intense but fun action game in which you need to make the best use of your ability to reflect as well as your timing. At Abcya today, you must throw your knives into a rotating board without hitting any other knives or any other objects that are attached to the board, or the game is over immediately.

This is a real challenge when the speed of rotation is not stable – sometimes the board rotates quickly, sometimes it rotates slowly, even the direction of rotation is also changed at times. So, stay focused and time your throws to perfection.

Besides the obstacles, there are also awards attached to the board – they are apples which you can use to unlock new knife models. So, how to gain the apples? Just by hitting them with your knives. The game offers you many levels to conquer with increasing difficulty in each level.

After every 5 levels, you will engage in a tough boss fight when the board can move very fast. Try to defeat the bosses to earn more apples and go further. If you don't get a high score the first few times, don't give up. Take some time to get acquainted with the gameplay and improve your skills, you will see positive changes in new results.

Hope you love this game and if you want to play other similar games, you can try Find Differences Bunny and Lada Car Keys.Check out at our site and you can find many other interesting types of games. Enjoy your time!

How to play? On the computer: Press left mouse button to play. On the mobile phone: Tap on the screen to play.  

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