Speedlust Driver

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Speedlust Driver at Abcay welcomes all the best racers in the world! Join Speedlust Driver game online and become the best player on every track. Look! Challenges and deadly traps are appearing in front. Control your car wisely and overcome them right now! Are you ready to race with Speedlust Driver game? 

Do you want to be the best race driver in the world? Do you want to confirm your talent and racing technique? I challenge your ability in Speedlust Driver game for free at abcya free games. This is an exciting and interesting challenge for every racer. Go ahead! 

In this game, you will have 2 main tasks to perform. The first task for you is to assemble the puzzle pieces into a complete car. This task is too hard for players? No! All you need to do is follow instructions on the screen. You just have to look carefully and find the pieces to fit in the assembly. I believe that you will pass the first mission in the game at ABC ya game in easily by your intelligence and observability.

After completing the first task, you will move on to the second task - the last and special task. You will drive your car directly and conquer all the tracks ahead. A series of challenges and deadly traps will appear on the track with dense mass. The more difficult the game becomes when your car is constantly bumping into challenges on the track. 

In addition to overcoming the obstacles, you need to collect gold coins on the way to increase energy and run the distance further than possible on the race track at Abcya games for school. So, you have to drive the car carefully and avoid colliding with obstacles. Take every opportunity to collect gold coins before the energy column runs out. 

Are you ready to race? I hope that you will have a great time in the game. If you feel this game is not interesting enough for you, I suggest that you can explore more with Free Rally or Max Drift X at http://m.abcya3.net/

The players can use arrow keys or the mouse to control your car on the race track. 

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