Bomb It 7

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Bomb It 7 GamePlay:

Great! Bomb It 7 at Abcya games online has officially launched with many exciting challenges in the game. Bomb It 7 game online promises to bring you many interesting maths in every level. Can you destroy all enemies? Place bombs everywhere and put your name on the Leaderboard! 

Bomb It 7 at ABCya 3 games is the 7th installment in the Bomb It series which is well-known around the world. Each version brings new and unique experiences to players through each challenge. The next version tries to bring new features to the player to avoid repetition and boredom. Are you ready to conquer every challenge in the game? Good luck! 

Before you start playing this game, you can choose the model with different tasks. Here, you can choose 1 in 5 models such as Arcade (Destroy all enemies), Battle Royale (Destroy 10 enemies), New Pacman (Collect 100 coins), Star Collector (Collect all stars), Ice Man (Freeze 10 monsters). At each level, you will have different challenges and special requirements. Your mission is to finish all the goals in the shortest time.  

In this battle at abcye, you will have to fight many enemies in a narrow area. Your goal is to place the bombs in the correct locations and kill all enemies. Enemies will attack you in the same way, so you need to observe carefully and avoid being killed by the enemy. 

In particular, remember that you should move to a safe area immediately before your bombs explode. Because bombs can explode and affect all sides, so you can be killed by your own bombs. There are many enemies in this battle, you can push them into the corners of the screen and place bombs to destroy them. 

If you are a fan of Bomb It series, do not miss this opportunity to explore the game. Also, you can also play previous versions such as Bomb it 6 and Bomb it 4 at Share them with your friends and family! 

How to play?

Player 1: Use arrow keys to move, space to put bombs

Two players: Play 1: Use WASD to move, space to put bombs

Player 2: Use arrow keys to move, space to put bombs. 

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